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        We have developed a differentiated pipeline of six clinical-stage drug candidates and six selected preclinical drug candidates by leveraging our proprietary antibody discovery and development platforms.

        MIL62 is the first and only domestically developed third-generation anti-CD20 antibody entering Phase III registration trial in China. MIL93 is the ADCC-enhanced anti-Claudin 18.2 antibody with the potential to benefit a wide patient population. MBS301 is the ADCC-enhanced anti-dual HER2-epitopes bispecific antibody. MIL97 is the anti-CD40 antibody with high agonist activity and good safety profile.

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        We strategically focus on the development of antibodies that stimulate the immune system to deplete target pathogenic cells, including three mechanisms: redirecting NK cells to kill target cells, redirecting T cells to kill target cells and infusing multi-specific antibody with immune stimulation activity. For this purpose, we have built proprietary antibody technology platforms, encompassing the process from antibody discovery to development. This enable us to design, evaluate, select and develop optimal drug candidates in an efficient and effective manner.

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