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        Preclinical-stage Collaboration

        We entered into a collaboration agreement with Keymed (stock code: 02162.HK) to co-develop a CD47 monoclonal antibody, MIL95, for registration in China and the United States.

        We entered into a collaboration agreement with Biocytogen to co-develop an antibody product targeting B7-H3, MIL108.

        Clinical-stage Collaboration

        We entered into a collaboration agreement with InnoCare (stock code: 09969.HK) for a joint clinical development for the combination of MIL62 and ICP-022 (a selective BTK inhibitor developed by InnoCare) in China. The collaboration with InnoCare enables us to achieve synergistic clinical effects for MIL62 in combination with BTK inhibitor. The combination of MIL62 and ICP-022 has the potential to be the only breakthrough new generation anti-CD20 antibody and BTK inhibitor combination therapy for DLBCL in the world effective to both germinal center B-cell (GCB) and non-GCB subtypes.

        Commercialization-stage Collaboration

        We entered into a collaboration agreement with Hengrui Pharma (stock code: 600276.SH), the largest pharmaceutical company in China, for the commercialization of third generation CD20 antibody MIL62 in Great China. We will be able to leverage Hengrui's specialized sales platform in China to commercialize MIL62. We will pay commercialization fees to Hengrui, while retaining the complete product rights and sales.

        We granted an exclusive, sub-licensable and perpetual license to Betta (stock code: 300558.SZ) to develop, manufacture and commercialize MIL60 in China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The collaboration enhances and validates our clinical development, regulatory experience and business development capability across the entire development life span from IND, clinical trial, BLA filing and commercialization.

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